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The Emery Go-Round is a fare-free shuttle service, open to all Emeryville residents, shoppers, visitors and employees of Emeryville businesses. The service is primarily funded by commercial property owners in the citywide transportation business improvement district (PBID).


Emery Go-Round is a service of the Emeryville Transportation Management Association, a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to increase access and mobility to, from and within Emeryville while alleviating congestion through operation of the shuttle program. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors, who also serve as the official representatives of property owners for the business improvement district.  The Board of Directors hold regular meetings which are open to the public.   The meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month and are held at various locations throughout Emeryville.  For Board agenda packets, see below.  If you would like to be added to the agenda packet distribution list, please email Roni Hattrup at  roni@graybowenscott.com.



Tim Bacon, Public Market – Chair

Geoff Sears, Wareham Development – Vice Chair

Andrew Allen, Business Member – Treasurer

Betsy Cooley, Residential Member – Secretary

Genevieve Hancock, 2100 Powell Street

Nathaniel Centeno, Bay Street

Peter Schreiber, Pixar Animation Studios

Ron SilbermanBusiness Member

Bobby Lee – Residential Member

Colin Osborne, Novartis – Employee Member



The ETMA Board Meetings are typically held at 9AM on the third Thursday of each month. Meeting locations may vary. 
To download the meeting agenda packet, please click on the meeting date below.


The 2018 Annual Membership Meeting of the Emeryville Transportation Management Association

May 17, 2018 at  9:00am

5616 Bay Street, Conference Room

If you have any questions please contact Roni Hattrup at (925) 937-0980 or admin@emerygoround.com


Links to Packets


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JULY 15 2016, Special Meeting of the Board of Directors

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OCTOBER-15-2015  Agenda Packet

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JULY-2015  Agenda Packet special meeting

JUNE-18-2015 Agenda Packet

MAY05-2015ETMA Agenda Packet special meeting

APRRIL-13-2015 ETMA AgendaPacket

MARCH-4-2015 ETMA  Agenda Packet


If you would like to receive a copy of an agenda packet prior to 2015 or if you would like to be added to our packet distribution list, please email us at transit-info@emerygoround.com


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Emeryville TMA

1211 Newell Avenue, Suite 200
Walnut Creek, CA  94596



Veronica ‘Roni’ Hattrup, Gray Bowen Scott - Executive Director

Karen Boggs, Gray Bowen Scott - Operations Administrator

Gina Munn, MV Transportation - Operations Manager

Mary Grinbergs, Gray Bowen Scott - Executive Assistant